Finally Farming

I’ve always dreamed of owning a farm and living off of the land,.. not having to see city lights or hear the noise of traffic coming through my window in the evening.  I left the city in my twenties to live in the country in south central Kentucky, owning two or three acres at a time and quite frankly, making the most of it.  My family and I have micro farmed the two acres we have lived on for the last fourteen years  growing gardens and raising goats, chickens, cows, ducks, rabbits and of course my white doves, most of them at the same time.

Time marches on and with age, I started to think that maybe I should give up the dream of owning a large piece of land .  After all, I had prayed for years for just such a place to live and leave to my children, somewhere where we could learn to survive off of the land in the face of a waning economy.  I had waited and decided that my prayers had been answered after all.  The answer was no.  So, I settled and quieted myself, in front of a my God who had watched over and provided for me all these years.  “You know best, Lord”, I prayed and accepted my present state willingly and thankfully, and began to sell off the livestock.  First the Muscovy ducks which reproduces so prolifically, three clutches a year, each one with 12-17 eggs.  I didn’t miss them much, because along with them went all their droppings!  All but five chickens went to live with a neighbor and the rabbits were sold at auction except for two which died from an illness.  Lastly, we parted with our goats.   We had decreased our herd to three of our best milkers, but with winter looming, the decision was made to sell them at auction and not put ourselves through another four months of dark, frigid trips to the barn to feed and water twice a day during the  winter to come.

The doves, however, would stay.  Only three had managed to survive the chicken hawks that had fatefully discovered where the dovecote was located.  They were my favorite of the birds and the theme behind my little farm page on facebook a few years back.  They were such a sight to see flying in unison, circling our home and the hills around it.  No,…We wont be selling the doves and that was final.  And so it was done.  Only two cats, a dog, five chickens and three doves remained on our two acres.

The strange,new occurrence of leisure time on my hands was spent learning new crafts.  I learned to spin yarn from alpaca, wool, and mohair mixed with an abundance of deep thought.  “Maybe its time to move back closer to the city,” I thought… Maybe my grown kids could find more gainful employment there…  So, I began praying once again for direction,….

“Lord, show me where you want me to be.”  Lead me to where your will for me is.”….but, inwardly, I was leaning towards the North where the big cities were, growing in anticipation of a fresh start in a new place.

With the winter winding down and spring suggesting its arrival, the unexpected happened.   Only six months since we had sold the livestock, and with one email sent by a realtor we had used a few years ago, the dream that I thought I had put to sleep was awoken once again.   Thirty four acres, it read,….For Sale, and at a price that we could actually manage!    We made arrangements to view the land and walked in the chilly March weather over the fields and down a few of the paths, one of which we came upon and startled a pair of “wouldn’t you know it”…doves.    “This was it!”  I knew it before we ever made it back to the car.  Everything I had ever wanted in a farm was there….woods, walking paths, pastures and a spring, a good location near enough to major highways but far enough away to feel secluded….and a view of nothing but hills, trees and sky.  The doves, I decided, was a sign from God.   Could the Lord be answering my prayers after all these years?!

Again, I prayed a prayer that I’ve repeated many times in the past.

“Lord, please open the doors that need to be opened and shut the doors that need to be shut, and give me courage to move and walk through them both.”

The end of this story is the beginning of many more to come.   That night, we made an offer which was accepted and about a month later we were the proud, excited owners of a farm!  At this age of fifty….(okay, …fifty plus) I begin a new path towards the unknown, learning to manage the land, hoping to leave it to my family as a legacy of my life here on earth, and my attempt to glorify God in the process.  I invite you to walk along side of us on our journey, and I welcome you to White Doves Farm!